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If you and your partner both work during the day, co-sleeping can give you some extra time to spend with your baby. The nurturing and closeness that happen during the night can help create a stronger relationship between you and your child.

Some studies have shown that sleep-sharing babies tend to breastfeed more, yet disrupt their mother's sleep less, than babies who sleep alone. Mothers who share a bed with their baby tend to breastfeed their babies for longer periods of time, perhaps because they find it easier to breastfeed in bed rather than getting up during the night to feed their baby.

Babies who sleep with their parents tend to stay awake for shorter periods of time during the night than solitary sleepers, and they may cry significantly less, too. Sleeping close to your baby allows you to quickly respond if she starts to cough or cry in the night.

Some people believe that babies who co-sleep with their parents are more independent, more outgoing, and more confident as children. As adults, they have higher self-esteem, better stress-management skills, and are more comfortable with intimacy than adults who slept alone as babies. However sleeping arrangements on their own cannot make your baby into a particular type of person.

Some studies have also suggested that on average, babies who co-sleep wake less often, and go back to sleep sooner, than babies who sleep alone in another room. However, some babies simply are better able to soothe themselves back to sleep than others. For this reason, it's misleading to think that co-sleeping will influence when your baby starts sleeping through the night.


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